The Story
Our private mountain sanctuary, nestled on the slopes of Cape Town's Table Mountain, is a place of unique biodiversity, where mind, body, heart and spirit connect to the healing power of nature.

With Nature as our Guide
and Whole Being our Goal


Teeming with peach trees and pines, fynbos and ferns, Future Found Sanctuary is the embodiment of a natural retreat – a place where Mother Nature is revered and the five elements demonstrate their beauty. By celebrating the Cape Floral Kingdom on the doorstep of our luxury villas and suites, we have found the most integrative ways to lead us toward the future, using the principles of biomimicry to learn from nature’s ancient wisdom.

We work with an ethos that drives sustainability, collaborating with like-minded navigators of changing culture to bring highly curated experiences to our guests. These take their cue from creation: the seasons, circadian rhythms, the solar system… All senses are explored; body and mind are awakened. Butterflies and bees, breezes and gentle morning showers, fireside stories and foraged feasts are only a few of the gifts that await. The rest is for you to discover.


Luxury villas & private suites

Future Found Sanctuary's exclusive-use villas and private suites are an invitation to follow nature’s rhythm: rise, reflect, realign and rest. Our integrated approach to personal rejuvenation is enhanced by the quiet seclusion in this mountainside retreat, just 30 minutes from the heart of Cape Town, and only 10 minutes from Constantia’s historic vineyards. Healing herbs and abundant fresh produce grow in the gardens of Maison Noir and Villa Verte, where walkways and meditation benches offer moments to listen to your body, connect with your heart and free your mind.

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Themed short-stay encounters

Be guided by nature’s elements during our transformative 1-5 day capsule experiences rooted in ancient wisdom and designed for inspired WholeLiving. Biomimicry’s restorative principles are infused into these programmes for embodied learning and integration, with groups of no more than 10. Foraging and feasting, art-and-music journeys aligned to the seasons, yoga, breathwork and Tai Chi practices, and connecting to your inner creative spirit are some of the invigorating experiences to be had at our sanctuary, resting on the regenerative slopes of Table Mountain.

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Multi-stop escapes beyond our sanctuary

The African continent is yours to explore. Make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime getaway by staying at other pristine natural destinations that take a like-minded approach to Future Found Sanctuary’s integrated connection to nature. Our travel tastemakers have created exciting itineraries for luxury African travel. These include desert safaris, wine, wildlife and waterfall adventures, honeymoon hideaways, bush and beach expeditions, amongst other exhilarating options that will take you to Namibia, the Okavango Delta, Zambezi River, Mozambique and more. Alternatively, ask our expert travel navigators to curate a more personalised exploration of Africa – or even Antarctica.

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Our mountainside retreat is a wholesome wonderland in which to realign with the restorative energy of nature and absorb the vitality of its age-old wisdom.

We believe that, with nature as our guide, we can manifest a future for our planet in which the integration of mind, body, heart and spirit brings harmony to humanity. That is why Future Found Sanctuary ingrains its unique sense of place into every part of your experience, allowing nature to lead you through its daily rhythms and seasonal orbits.

The four buzzing bee hives that exist on our land, and the lightly caramel, sweetly floral honey produced by our happy Cape Honey Bees is testament to the harmonious ecosystem fostered at Future Found Sanctuary. Our biodiverse landscape, maintained through sustainable gardening practices (we never use pesticides or chemical fertilisers), is filled with a multitude of indigenous plants, some of which have even been used in our bespoke teas and signature villa fragrances.

Water is life. At our sanctuary, this comes from well points accessing the Table Mountain aquifer, a source of pure mountain water that is recharged by our generous annual winter rainfall. Permaculture design and intelligent landscaping slow and hold water on the land – our own contribution towards recharging this source of life.

Add to this our healing and flower gardens, granadilla vines, strawberry patches, banana, citrus and stone-fruit trees, and a glorious herb collection, and a utopian setting for nature’s creatures is revealed. It is no wonder that our bees produce around 40kg of honey a year!

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Future Found Sanctuary offers a luxurious Cape Town mountainside experience unlike anything else in the city.

As one of the very few villa locations with direct access to Table Mountain, our sanctuary offers complete immersion on the slopes of this iconic South African beacon. One of the New7Wonders of Nature, this World Heritage Site is home to hundreds of plant species that grow nowhere else on the planet. The Cape Floral Kingdom that extends from here is the smallest and richest of the world’s six floral kingdoms, and includes fynbos, an endemic shrubland that appears in myriad forms.

This peaceful, tucked-away corner of Hout Bay is just 30 minutes from the heart of Cape Town, and some of the city’s world-renowned beaches can be reached within 15 minutes, while the Constantia Winelands are accessed in 10 minutes.

To truly retreat from life’s frenetic pace, deadline pressure and everyday responsibilities, and to realign with optimal health for mind, body, heart and spirit, one needs to connect with nature. Your Brain on Nature, by Eva Selhub and Alan Logan, points to nature’s positive influence on health, happiness and vitality. The authors call nature “an ancient cure abandoned”, and cite scientific evidence that shows how the sights, sounds and aromas of nature increase serotonin levels, reduce stress and fatigue, lift mood, and increase immunity.

Future Found Sanctuary’s verdant surroundings, with forest hikes and waterfalls calling to be explored, bring an opportunity for personal regeneration. In this nurturing locale, you find a deep connection to all that is naturally bountiful. And, through this reacquaintance with the natural world, you come to discover something equally glorious – one of life’s greatest treasures: YOU.