Nature’s Feast
A three day immersion into the elements and the senses through biodynamic and regenerative-inspired food experiences and ancient practices. Relish in the abundance of nature as it feeds your body and soul in a shared spirit of community. Leave feeling grounded, nourished, connected and inspired to live in alignment with joy.

Earth, water, fire, air and ether – nature’s five elements guided the design of this three-day immersion. Nature’s Feast includes a two-night stay at Future Found Sanctuary, where the restorative energy of this mountainside retreat leaves you feeling connected to everything that is vital to life. Utilising ancient wisdom passed down through generations, this multi-sensory experience revolves around food, the generous act of preparation and the joyous moments of dining together. There are land and coastal foraging expeditions, experiential, Ayurvedic-inspired meals, cooking around the fire with a celebrity chef, adaptogenic cocktail-making, tea ceremonies and forest picnics to indulge in. 

Between these feasts, and integrated into their core curation, lies the invitation to connect with Earth through grounding techniques that stimulate the immune system, including a sound and visual journey; relate to Water with a cold-immersion plunge; enjoy the spirit of Fire with Khoi storytelling, singing and drumming around the fire pit; celebrate Air with Tai Chi and breathwalking; and recognise the importance of Ether through theta meditation. It’s a transformative experience to lead you back to the way we were meant to live.

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  • Two nights’ accommodation in one of Future Found Sanctuary’s luxury rooms.
  • All meals, snacks and drinks
  • Foraging and biodynamic workshop at Love in a Bowl
  • Experiential sensory dinner experience with chef, Charisse
  • Coastal foraging and lunch
  • Regenerative fire cooking
  • Ayurvedic tea tasting
  • Sound and visual journey
  • Khoi storytelling, singing and drumming
  • Educational forest hike
  • Picnic in the pines
  • Tai Chi
  • Meditation
  • Sensory purification ritual and sage smudging
  • Gifts
  • Flights to Cape Town
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