We celebrate South Africa’s biodiversity, which delivers a unique sense of place to the work we do and the way we choose to live.

We have four hives of Cape Honeybee, or Apis mellifera capensis, a subspecies of the western honeybee that occurs naturally in our region of South Africa. The per hive yield is about 10kg of honey, with a lightly caramel, sweetly floral and zingy taste, made from a mix of our native fynbos along with the other delicate blooming plants in our gardens.

Our indigenous garden is wilder in its nature, with native plants that provide pollen for our beehives, feed the birds and produce a lovely scent and texture. The harvested honey is bottled and served to guests on the property – look our for it on the breakfast buffet table.

If you’re lucky enough you will see our very own ‘bee whisperer’ collecting the spoils of mother nature.